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Tooth Extractions
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Tooth Extractions in Southfield, MI

When a tooth is unable to be saved, it needs to come out. Not doing so can result in on-going pain and further damage to the surrounding teeth and supporting bone structure. Wisdom teeth often do not have the room to descend fully and may become impacted or displace other teeth. 


What to Expect From a Dental Extraction

Removing teeth is a relatively simple procedure typically performed in an hour total. Your dental professional will completely numb the area around the tooth so that there is no pain from the process. During the extraction itself, you may feel pressure in your mouth, along with pulling and pushing. If you are nervous, your dentist can administer an anesthetic such as nitrous oxide to reduce physical sensation and calm you.

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After the Extraction

After the surgery, the local anesthetic will begin to wear off, and you may experience a dull pain. In many cases, pain-reducing medication is prescribed to ease discomfort. However, most patients find that they can manage without them. It can take several weeks for a socket to fully recover. Following your dentist’s instructions on keeping the wound clean and free from food or other debris will help it heal without infection.