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Professional Periodontal Procedures

Making perfect smiles affordable and attainable for all.

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Affordable Periodontal Procedures in Southfield, MI

Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

Periodontists specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease is a result of several factors, including smoking and inadequate brushing and flossing habits. Periodontal disease, left untreated, can result in the deterioration of the gums and bones that support teeth and cause pain and tooth loss.

While proper dental hygiene is the simplest way to prevent gum disease, there are some treatments that can help reduce the pain it causes and reverse further damage. From scaling and root planing to osseous surgery (pocket reduction), Michigan Gum Docs periodontic services can help your mouth to feel healthy again.


We Specialize in the Tough Periodontal Disease Cases

Periodontists can treat a broad spectrum of gum disease. For mild cases, treatments such as scaling and root planing (root surface cleaning) or root surface debridement (removal of damaged tissue) are often adequate. More severe cases require surgical procedures such as laser gum surgery and Osseous surgery. If the damage is deemed significant and gum and bone tissue are not repairable, our skilled periodontists can create and place full or partial dental implants.