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Osseous Surgery
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Osseous & Pocket Reduction Surgery in Southfield, MI

Teeth sit in the tissue that extends upwards from the gum. Healthy folds of this tissue are typically around 3mm deep. With the onset of gum disease, pockets can grow, making them harder to clean and turning them into the perfect breeding ground for even more bacteria in the form of plaque.

Periodontal pocket reduction surgery is recommended when a patient’s pockets are too deep to clean with daily at-home oral hygiene and a professional care routine.


Pocket Reduction Surgery

During this procedure, a periodontist will fold back the gum tissue and remove the disease-causing bacteria before securing the tissue into place. In some cases, the damaged bone’s irregular surfaces are smoothed to limit areas where disease-causing bacteria can hide. This allows the gum tissue to better reattach to healthy bone.

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Osseous Surgery is Only Part of the Plan

Reducing pocket depth and eliminating existing bacteria are essential to prevent damage caused by periodontal disease progression and help you maintain a healthy smile. However, even after an osseous surgery, it is vital to continue combining daily oral hygiene and professional maintenance care to prevent harmful bacteria’s return. Without flossing and multiple brushings daily, plaque will quickly return, undoing the Osseous surgery’s improvement.